Concept and Staff

We are a team of freelance technical writers and communication experts. We have a pool of other freelancers including translators, editors, teachers, programmers, designers and photographers at our disposal. This guarantees that we can cover any aspect of the projects we handle.


Foto - Andreas Lenz

Andreas Lenz

  • Technical writer (Diploma)
  • Thesis: A comparison of user documentation for technical work equipment and software in print and online media
  • Specialization:
    • Technical and structured writing
    • Planning and realization of workflows in documentation processes
    • Terminology and translation management
    • Layout, graphical and technical illustration
    • Risk assessment
    • Print and screen design
Foto - Frank Brückner

Frank Brückner

  • Freelance programmer, designer and lecturer
  • Specialization:
    • Content Management Systems
    • Dynamic internet applications with PHP and MySQL
    • Vector processing and image processing
    • Design and layout
    • Project planning
Foto - Matthias Schleiff

Matthias Schleiff

  • Technical writer (Diploma)
  • Thesis: XML applications with Adobe® Framemaker® in the field of technical writing
  • Specialization:
    • Technical writing and technical illustration
    • Development and administration of XML applications
    • Costumization of Adobe® Framemaker® and development of templates
    • Processing of XML data with XSLT
Foto - Klaus-Werner Müller

Klaus-Werner Müller M.A.

  • Communication expert
  • Contract teacher and freelance lecturer
  • Specialization:
    • Media-supported education and skill enhancement
    • Strategical and manipulative communication
    • Teaching activities in business, trade and industry
    • Lectures at universities, technical colleges, vocational schools and general schools
    • Screenplay production and realization of educational and promotional movies
    • Application of analogue and digital video and audio technology
Foto - Iris Kleinophorst

Iris Kleinophorst

  • Professional translator for Chinese, English, French and German
  • Technical writer (M.A.)
  • Thesis: Study on the use of translation memory systems in technical documentation
  • Specialization:
    • Technical translation
    • Technical writing
    • Training and lectures on topics like technical documentation for international markets, translation management, terminology management, research as well as standards and normative requirements of technical documentation
Foto - Rigo Richter

Rigo Richter

  • Media Engineer (Diploma)
  • Thesis: E-Learning – Learning in the Internet
  • Specialization:
    • Media-supported education and skill enhancement
    • Video production and video processing
    • Promotional movies, spots and TV programs
    • Computer animation and image processing
    • DVD production
    • Project planning
Logo - Tekom

Andreas Lenz and Matthias Schleiff are members of TEKOM, the German associaton for technical communication and information development.


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